Welcome to the Knights of Columbus Msgr. Degnan Council #2603 Home page. It is hoped that the information found within this site will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about both our council and the Knights of Columbus in general. The pages on this site have been revised by the request of the viewers, who use dial up modems to access it. With a connect speed of 28k some of the pages took over 3 minutes to load. The newer pages will take 30 seconds or less to load. The great pictures on the former pages are not gone. They just have been relocated to another page to view if you have the time.
A Site Index page has been added to help show paths to all of the features of this site. It will also provide links to related sites to Council 2603. Since some of these links are external to our website, the download times will be longer than 30 seconds. In the future, next to the link will be a number indicating the download time for a 28k modem.
Explore this site and if you like it, add it to your bookmarks. Any comments or suggestions to make this site work for you contact the Web master If you wish to receive notification, via email, of our newsletter updates, again drop me a line and you will be put on our mailing list.
Fraternally Yours;
Br. Richard Thiel, Web master

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